What is M.E?

The short version: Myalgic Encephalomyelitis is a neurological condition that causes a massive amount of various symptoms, the most important being post-exertion malaise, or becoming significantly (more) ill after physical or mental exercise or activity. This can be delayed by up to two days. Other common symptoms include chronic pain, chronic fatigue, brain fog, muscle weakness and spasms, and sensory sensitivities. At the milder end, people have a reduction of about 50% of their normal energy levels. At the very severe end, people end up having to lie in a silent, dark room constantly, unable to tolerate any light, sound, smell or touch, too weak to roll over and may need tube feeding. Occasionally, people with ME die from the illness.

I go into more detail in the following blog posts.

Written May 2012:
What is M.E?
How M.E affects me
How I cope with M.E

Written August 2018
Severe ME Day – How It Affects Me

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