10 Years…

Since the last time I stood and walked (3 steps). Still no idea why on the 18th May 2014 I had no POTS symptoms, but I’m very grateful for the memory. I’ve been unable to do either since then.

Danni, a tall white person with light brown hair and glasses, standing with a zimmer frame in front of a bed. 

They are wearing a purple nightdress, purple pyjama bottoms and green heeled boots.
10 years ago, standing in my room. Please ignore the mess – we weren’t expecting to take photos that day!

Most of the time I don’t mind not being able to walk. I always found it painful, even from childhood, with low stamina. I was constantly rolling my ankles and once POTS started kicking in age 12 it became very much not fun, though I wouldn’t know that’s why it made me so dizzy and ill until late 2014. Being able to walk again would be useful and if I got the chance again I’d grab it (like I did 10 years ago) but it’s less important to me than mobility in general.

I do miss being able to sit upright though, or stand. Sitting would mean more time in my wheelchair, and being able to go out and do things. Sitting upright would mean I could fit in more places and potentially use a smaller, more portable wheelchair. Standing would make transfers much easier and mean I could reach stuff Izzy can’t (I’m quite a bit taller than her).

I got to the point of being able to sit up for a few minutes in 2022, but then I caught Covid and since then I’ve not managed more than a slight head raise without severe symptoms and payback. I’m working on it but it’s very slow progress. ME really sucks in that the more you push the worse you get. I’m hopeful that I’ll get there eventually 🙂

I am happy I’m able to get on my computer again, and blogging is helping reduce the number of nightmares I’m getting so that is positive. And things could be so much worse. I’m very lucky.

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  1. I hope that things improve for you as quickly as possible. You are in my thoughts. You are a very good person and I wish you had an easier time in life.

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