World of Warcraft

(Last updated 34th February 2014.)

When I’m well enough to go on my computer (while in bed at the moment), there is a good chance I’ll be playing World of Warcraft 🙂

At level 90 I currently have four characters: DanniTiarnaMyranda and Dannila. They’re all in the guild Trivial on Quel’Thalas EU, and I like being there. I like talking to them both in game and on Mumble when I can 🙂 Johan is also in the guild, as part of the heroic 25 man raid team.

Danni is my main. She’s a Night Elf Discipline Priest, and is the character I first started playing with at the end of Burning Crusade. I’ve recently become exalted with Emperor Shaohao on the Timeless Isle, and I’m hoping to get all the rares soon. She’s my achievement hunter and the character I feel I play best- on the rare occasions I’m well enough to do flex raids, she’s the character I take. Her professions are all maxed, and being a tailor and enchanter is helpful for funding my spends. I’m slowly working on getting more reputations to exalted and completing all the individual old world zone Loremaster achievements (I got the Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor achievements before Cataclysm, and I have the Outland, Northrend, Cataclysm and Pandaren Loremaster achievements already).

Tiarna is a Gnome Mage currently specced as Arcane. She originally began life as a Worgen called Elisaveta, but the sniffing got too much for me so she transformed into a Gnome. She’s my alchemist (transmutation master) and scribe, so my herbs get sent to her. She still has a lot of glyphs to learn so I try and get on daily to do my cooldowns.

Myranda is a Night Elf Druid who swaps between Boomkin (ranged DPS) and Restoration (healer) depending on whether I’m doing dailies or group stuff. She’s a skinner and leatherworker, whose professions are currently the least used since I learnt all the recipes via cooldown. I’m hoping to learn how to play Restoration properly on her as it’s very different to a priest but I’m not in any rush.

Dannila, my Pandaren Monk, is my latest 90 and so I’m doing The Tillers dailies on her, including hunting for dark soil. She’s also my miner and daisy picker (herber) so I often fly around looking for yellow dots on my mini map. She’s been Mistweaver (healer) since level 10 and so was levelled mostly through a combination of dungeons, pet battles and gathering professions. I’ve really enjoyed Monk even as melee DPS so I might be doing more with her in the future.

I currently am levelling three main characters. They’re Catalia, my Blood Elf Paladin, Dannilia, a Dwarf Shaman and Caitlyna, a Night Elf Hunter.

Catalia is my Hordie, so is in the guild Purple Reign (I’m friends with some previous members of the guild Reign which used to be the best on the server, and it was their friends and family guild. They never kicked me out, and I think the guild name is awesome :P). She’s Protection (tank) but I’m too scared to tank dungeons on her (I originally created her in Wrath and Paladin has changed a lot since then) so she’s levelling through questing. It’s fun to see the quests on the Horde side sometimes, and I think I might even get her to max level before Warlords of Draenor comes out 😛

Dannilia is a Restoration (healer) Shammie so I’m levelling her mostly through dungeons. I was originally levelling her alongside Dannila (part of why they have similar names) but with the Monk experience bonus I decided to concentrate on just one for a bit. When I do play her she’s levelling quite fast, and though she’s currently a herber and miner (for easy gold and experience) I’ll probably be changing her professions to something else when she’s max level.

Caitlyna is my newest character. I started her to level along my sister Becca using Recruit a Friend (she’s levelling a Warrior) and playing a Hunter is very different to anything I’ve played before. I even had to look up how to turn growl off in dungeons 😛 Due to the recruit a friend buff (300% experience when levelling together) even though she’s not played much when she is played she levels very quickly. It’s been an interesting experience trying to teach Becca how to play (and I have no idea how to play a Warrior) while also learning a new class myself. I’ve not tried taming any new pets yet, but I’m looking forward to it. I currently use a cat called Giles.

That’s more information than anyone wanted about my main characters. I have other alts, though apart from my bank alt I don’t play them very much. I do have an interest in gold making and so I’m slowly learning how to use Trade Skill Master and other tools to optimise the amount of gold I have. It’s been useful as I’ve been able to buy a yak, fund both Becca and myself for the guild heirlooms, and occasionally buy treats like new pets. I’m starting to get into pet battles and have recently got my first few pets to level 25, and I’ve done the quest line up to Outland so far. It’s a nice distraction and something a bit easier than the normal questing and such in game. My main problem is wanting to do everything and not having the time and energy to do it all 🙂 I’m glad I can play as much as I do though.

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