Liebster Blog Award


For some reason, Sanabituranima has given me this lovely blog award Smile I guess this means I have to pass it on to five other blogs.

  • My Secret Diary – By Roxette Wise. One of my Second Life/met in real life friends Smile A funny blog about life.
  • Chlay – Chlay is a young woman with severe M.E. and a love of fairies and fashion. She always makes me smile Smile
  • Chaos and Control – Little Feet is out of hospital! Yay! Ahm… Little Feet has such a unique and funny style for writing about her life and mentalism, that even when she’s going though a really bad time she can show the funny side. Also, I want to steal her blanket.
  • Benefit Scrounging Scum – Bendy Girl writes about life in such an interesting and entertaining way, I look forward to each of her blog posts.
  • Fighting Monsters – A social worker’s blog, that explains things in ways that Danni can normally understand. It is always interesting to get things from a different point of view, and this blog is excellent.

Okay, that will do for now. As you can probably tell, I read a lot of different types of blogs. At some point I should probably do a proper blog roll. Also coming soon, a proper (not Project 365) blog post Smile