Snow and the Equality Act

Snow breaks the Equality Act 2010 (which mostly replaced the Disability Discrimination Act 1995). It does not treat all people equally, and is in fact biased towards those without physical disabilities. Instead of being nice and easy to move in, it is sticky and thick, which makes it difficult or impossible to move in. If you have balance problems, dyspraxia or similar, then Snow makes you more likely to fall over and injure yourself. If you require mobility aids such as walking sticks, walking frames or crutches, Snow is slippy, prevents the walking aids from getting a grip, or gets caught on them, making walking very difficult. If you require a wheelchair to get around, snow gets caught in the wheels and traps the chair, making it impossible to move. Abled bodied people, though inconvenienced, are able to move in Snow, and are also able to enjoy the more pleasant aspects easier, including making snowmen and having snowball fights.

The first step in combating this problem should be to send Snow a warning, and make some suggestions. These include giving a lot more warning when it decides it wants to come play, avoiding roads and pavements, spreading a bit more evenly across the country so we don’t have a situation like now where some parts have none and others have too much, and being less slippy and sticky. If Snow does not heed this warning, it should be shut down altogether, or expelled from the country.

(Note about today’s post- it is a joke. I am annoyed because I couldn’t get out to college today, as my wheelchair got stuck in the snow. I am aware that weather cannot be held to any human laws, and I also know that this post isn’t very well written (I blame pain). Instead of being in college, I spent most of the day playing World of Warcraft. At least that was fun :)).

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