Excited for Blizzcon

Had a rough time recently, but slowly coming out of it. The nausea is nowhere near as bad now, and I’m back to eating mostly normally. It was probably made worse by overdoing it (going to the MetroCentre then the doctors at the beginning of last week) and since I’ve not been out since then and resting and taking it easy, it’s started to behave.

I do have a cold, which is trying to make me feel miserable, but ibuprofen is taking care of that. On that subject, why does children’s Nurofen taste disgusting (it’s a horrible orange flavour) while Calpol tastes nice? I’d have Calpol instead but paracetamol gives me a horrendous headache. I also get the Nurofen on precription, which since I don’t pay for them makes it cheaper.

I can manage about 3 1 hour sessions on my computer without getting any extra symptoms or getting any payback. I think I’ve found my baseline for that activity, anyway πŸ™‚ Now to work on all the others. I have found talking to my social worker is exhausting and gives payback, but that’s a necessary activity, unfortunately πŸ™

I’m getting a bath lift! πŸ˜€ The occupational therapist came out today, and didn’t even need me to get out of bed :p He asked Johan some questions about me (even if he did add nearly a stone to my weight. Humph.) and has recommended a reclining bath lift. He said that normally they’d start with a bath seat, but since my main problem now is that I have very little upper body strength (or lower body strength) the bath lift is most suitable. I am looking forward to having baths again, without having to fall in and risk getting stuck. They’re awesome for pain relief, as well.

Blizzcon is on Friday and Saturday, and I have a virtual pass so I’m looking forward to watching that. I get access to the videos for a bit after they’ve been streamed, so if I miss something because I’m ill I can watch it when I’m able to. I want to see what the next expansion is for World of Warcraft, and the Foo Fighters are performing πŸ™‚

I am starting to adapt to being this ill. It’s hard, but I’m learning to ask for things more so I can conserve my energy for more important things. I’m also asking Johan to heat up my wheat bag and penguin to try and ease the pain when it’s only in one limb, as heat does help and means needing to take less painkillers, which is always good.

We’ve had to turn the heating on. The last couple of days have been freezing. We turn it off a couple of hours before the pizza shop opens, and turn it back on again a couple of hours after it shuts. Luckily we can save money during the period the pizza shop provides our heat. I’ve also noticed I’m more sensitive to the cold this year- this is probably just because I’m a lot more ill. Still, my DLA is to cover disability related expenses and extra heating bills is one of them.

My doctor has sent off a letter to the council about moving to more suitable housing, I think. At least, he’s sent back the letter I gave him telling me I needed the doctor to write to them.

I’m also sorting out direct payments. Currently looking for someone to work as my personal assistant twice a day. Unfortunately I don’t know anyone immediately who can do it, but I’ve asked on Facebook and will also be advertising in the Job Centre and stuff. This is something that living so far out will probably make harder really though, as it’ll only be a few hours a week and unless the person lives in the area there will be quite a travel to get here. I’m hopeful though, and we can be relatively flexible regarding hours if a college or university student wants to do it. The paperwork currently looks like a nightmare, but I think that’s just because I’ve been so ill the last week or two. It will probably be less scary when I look at it when my brain is partially functioning.

Long blogpost has turned out long. Johan is amazingly still awake- I think he’s getting ready for Blizzcon. Lovely Icelandic carer is due in about 6 hours. That will be interesting if we’ve both not really slept (I’m currently sleeping for about 9 hours in two blocks of between 4-5 hours each, one in the morning and one in the afternoon/evening). Still, I’m not too concerned about it as I am sleeping enough, and if it becomes too troublesome I may ask for a very short course of sleeping tablets just to reset it.

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