Brain Dump, Payback Edition

Wanting to blog but not having the spoons to write a proper post, so going for a brain dump instead.

I have hoists. One in bedroom, one in living room. I don’t have host slings yet. Not been able to contact OT to get them (carer has left messages). Care home was okay. Baths were awesome. Had two. No major problems. Able to manage 2 hours in wheelchair talking to friends. Movement still an issue- taxi home caused payback I’m not over yet.

Was different care home. Original care home not allowed to take social services people now as so bad. They’ve got worse since I was last there and they forgot me. This care home was one I wanted to go in anyway but Johan too scared to phone. Didn’t find out couldn’t go in booked care home until day I due to go in. Duty social worker did good job finding place at new care home for me. Went in next day for just over a week. Had puter. Was good.

Danni now sleep lots. Sleep during day and some of night. Know it’s payback but makes things hard. Now forget important things like how to pay bills. Need stuff doing but too ill. Best time of day is easily hours of morning but no-one able to help me then.

Digestive system still ebil. Still not seen doctor, but hoping to soon. Want to eat without agonising pain. Body says not allowed. Is mean. Also not good at making food stay in stomach instead of mouth after swallowing.

Hoping once payback finished and got hoist slings can work on sitting in wheelchair. Really want to see the lunar eclipse. That would be awesome. Will need to work on coping with movement but can manage short bits okay, so should be able to go on ramp outside.

Want to feel better. Want to not be ill. Glad things aren’t worse but still wish they were better. Still got penguins 🙂

3 thoughts on “Brain Dump, Payback Edition

  1. I wish so much for your nutrition issues to be sorted. I hope you can see a Dr soon and get something better arranged.

    My OT emailed about hoists so should be getting an over bed hoist at some point soon. Not ceiling sort so bed will just be moved out of the way for fitting. there is some arguments as she said the type of sling I need doesn’t exist and I had to argue it. I sent her links. I will have to get them on a direct payment if necessary but htat will slow things down. I want the sort you stay sat on because leaning forward for sling to be taken out would be exhausting and pointles when only in chair for short periods. I also want one is like a hamock you sit in, not the evil ones with straps that go under your legs. Have you considered which you need?

    1. I know my sling will have head support, but I’m not sure other than that.

      In the care home they were able to cross the leg bits underneath me so they didn’t have to go between the legs, as well as hoist me semi-reclined and that was with a standard sling so only my head was unsupported (and floppy if I couldn’t lean it on the strap). If it’s the same but with head support it’ll be fine for me.

      When I was in my chair they left the sling under me and I was okay but I’m not sure how feasible it’ll be long term. I don’t mind buying my own sling if I want something better that they can’t provide but I don’t know until they do.

      District nurse came out yesterday (Tuesday) and is also now chasing the OT for the slings. I’ve not seen the GP this week because of the nurse and also because the new care agency is coming out tomorrow to do the care plan. I’m hoping just giving them the social services one will do most of it so then I just need to tell them the little things. Luckily that one is quite detailed, even saying the carers are to read the sign on my door before coming in.

      I hope your hoist is sorted out soon. I can spend much more time in my chair than I thought I could if transfers aren’t as big an issue. Being hoisted takes so much less energy and I’ve been told the ceiling track one is even smoother than the mobile hoists I’ve used up to now.

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