I am super tired thanks to bad sleep and trying to watch Blizzcon, but I am happy 🙂

Played some Hearthstone earlier for the Co-op Tavern Brawl which was awesome (luckily Sammie is understanding when I have very little concentration). Also watched Doctor Who with Esther which was good. Osgood! 😀 Also had pizza and scone and time with Johan.

Favourite announcement from Blizzcon so far is the new transmog system for WoW. I knew that Loremaster would come in useful for something 😛 They’ve even managed to convince Johan to keep his subscription when just yesterday he said he was taking a break and maybe giving it up 😛

I’ve not really seen much Diablo 3 or Starcraft stuff yet. I may have pre-ordered Overwatch as having watched Hafu and Trump playing on the beta I know I’m likely to enjoy it if well enough. I’ll probably buy the new Hearthstone adventure once I’ve completed Blackrock Mountain (I got as far as the mage challenge I think and just spent hours playing that). I already love Heroes of the Storm so I’ll be trying to spread the Cho’Gall virus with Johan 😀

I’ve got tons of stuff to catch up on but the vods are available for 2 weeks. Might take me that long to recover 😉

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