Today was a day of doing not very much. I woke up, messed around on my computer, had a bath, napped, played on the computer, raided, and will be going back to bed again in a minute.

Tomorrow I go to Birmingham with my mum. We are going to meet Maggie Kirkpatrick and Glenda Linscott on Sunday, after watching Retrospectively, Rita. We are staying two nights, which will mean missing college on Monday. I’m planning on taking my laptop, and my phone works as a modem (yay custom ROMs :D) so will be able to get online even if the wifi doesn’t work/is too expensive. I’m really looking forward to meeting them as I watched a lot of Prisoner Cell Block H when I was little (there wasn’t much else on at 4am…) and even now am a bit scared of the Freak. I’ve been catching up with some of the episodes and it’s reminded me of why I loved it- over the top storylines that I understand, brilliant characters and big dramatic events. I want to catch up even more now, but with over 600 episodes it may take a while.

I’m not at all ready for going, so will sleep now and get up earlyish tomorrow to get ready.

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