There’s a zombie on your lawn


Another bad day, especially pain-wise. Currently my options are 1) bribe my doctor to give me some painkillers that maybe work, preferably without killing me or 2) become an alcoholic, since that’s the only thing I can currently get that works.

Had Computing today. I finally gave the presentation on storage devices (it’s really hard to present when you’re in lots of pain, half asleep and can’t really remember what it is you’re meant to be talking about, but I muddled through it). Then we had 20 minutes to research and create a presentation on an output device (laser printer for me). I panicked. There is simply no way I can research how something works, translate it into Danni-ish, retranslate it into something that’s understandable by other humans, and sort out the presentation in 20 minutes. I struggled last lesson with the 40 minutes for an input device. Of course, it didn’t help that I already wasn’t coping because I was exhausted and in more pain than is normal even for me at the moment.

Told Simin I’m not going to be in on Monday, as I’m travelling back from Birmingham at the time of my lesson. She wanted to know why, I fumbled a reason that vaguely relates to the actual reason (my thoughts and speech were very jumbled at this point, though I’m hoping it wasn’t too noticeable).

Johan picked me up, and I demanded to go to the MetroCentre as I was hungry. Probably not the best idea, but I did find a purple bag (I’ve been after one for months, and it was only £5) and got curry at the Wetherspoons curry night thingy. Also got vodka at Wetherspoons, which helped with the pain and not-copingness a bit.

Time for bed. Luckily no college tomorrow, so sorting stuff out before I go away for the weekend. I’ll explain more about that tomorrow.

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