Turkey Time

Danní of Bloodhoof-US is now level 26. Dannilion of Zangermarsh-US is now level 14. I still can’t trade, use the auction house, send or receive mail, but other stuff still works. Odd. I bought the Burning Crusade for that account to see if it would fix it- it didn’t.

Dannilion is a Blood Elf Priestess I created today to take part in the “It Came From The Blog” event run by Robin Torres of WoW Insider. It was fun, as Robin’s events normally are (I’ve been watching her stream for a while now, and we play Lucky Train together on Facebook).

I have a horrendous headache. Wondering how to get rid of it. Even tempted to take codeine, which would mean I’m up all night with stomach cramps. Hard choice.

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