Being the expert at breaking stuff, part 543

I’ve managed to break World of Warcraft. Well, my account is broken. I have all the currency restrictions (can’t use the auction house or mail stuff, even to my own characters) but not the communication restrictions (I have a RealID friend and have been talking quite happily in General and Trade chat) of a trial account. Oh, and I have mail that I can’t pick up. I have a full copy of the game (yay $5 sales!) and have added my subscription information, so it should work. I’ve had a GM ticket in since yesterday, and it’s been escalated, but I’m not sure what to do now. It does stop me making gold on the auction house to be able to buy stuff like cooking skill and (when I get to level 20) riding skill. My character is level 19 at the moment, shall be interesting to see if she can go above level 20.

I am still in more pain than I can cope with. This is really bad. It is clouding my thoughts and making it difficult for me to do things. I hope some of it eases off soon, as I want to be able to go to college on Monday. I’m also exhausted, so am going to bed in a minute even though I’ve only been up a few hours. Having ME sucks.

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