A Worgen Named Prudence

So my near-daily blog posts haven’t happened. I’ve been too tired. I was off college for a week because of the snow, then struggled in for the next week, having to go backwards most of the time. The snow then cleared up, and I finished college for the term with the Interface Christmas party, which was way too noisy, but I enjoyed it by hiding and talking to friends.

World of Warcraft: Cataclysm has been released, and my copy arrived very late from Amazon- 6 days late. Danní is currently level 83, and I have a Worgen named Prudence. She was named by asking a well-read friend of mine to give me lists of female names that would have been in use in Victorian Britain, and I kept trying them until I found one that wasn’t taken. Prudence was it 😛 The Worgen starting area is epic.

I also have a Goblin called Dannileia. The Goblin starting area is extremely funny. I loved it 🙂 I want the Hot Rod on Danní now, even though she’s Alliance and can’t get it.

I’ve not been playing as much World of Warcraft as I’d originally wanted because my M.E. is pretty bad, and I’ve been going out way more than I should have been. I’ve also had a rough couple of weeks due to being premenstrual for the first time in almost 2 years (yay coil!). As well as the Christmas party, I went to the MetroCentre to do Christmas shopping and the next day to a meal in Newcastle for my sister Meggy’s birthday. Both involved noise, crowds and socialisation (the second more than the first). It was hard. Luckily I’m pretty much finished with my Christmas shopping now, and just have to wrap everything.

Plan for tomorrow/later today: wrap presents, get someone to deliver them, tidy living room, sleep.

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