Where Danni is a Silly Sausage.

Last week, I pushed myself ridiculously hard in order to pass my AS Computing Comp 2 exam. I was in college Monday-Thursday, and in for far more hours than normal so I could revise. This was mostly because at the beginning of the week, I was only able to complete about 40% of a past paper, so needed to relearn most of the topics.

I managed the exam on Thursday, and I think I did well in it. I managed to answer all the questions and think I may have even got some marks on the essay-style question. My computing lecturer thinks I will get an A in it, and I think that’s a possibility. I even managed the computing lesson that evening, even though I’d had a very long day at the end of a long week.

I was expecting a bit of a relapse from this, and warned both Interface and my Computing lecturer that I may not be in on Monday (yesterday). What I wasn’t expecting was just how hard this relapse is hitting me. Yesterday, I was only able to sit up for about 50 minutes in total, split into a few periods of a few minutes each. Enough for me to get things done, and I lay in bed the rest of the time.

Today, I can’t sit up at all. I try, but I get really dizzy, my vision goes blurry and dark and I feel like I’m going to pass out, so I lie back down. This makes attempting to go to the toilet interesting, as I have to crawl there and lie down after a few seconds. When I get there and on the toilet, I’m having to sit as far forwards as I can without falling off. In total, the process for going to the toilet and then back into my bed is taking around 20 minutes, and then I’m even more exhausted than I was originally.

I’m also experiencing even more pain than normal (which considering I experience severe pain on a daily basis, is saying something), and other little weirdness like being too weak to hold my phone up and not tolerating Johan touching me at all. My temperature regulation is even worse than normal (it’s not that warm in here as the heating has been off, yet I’ve been sweating tons, and then I’ll get really really cold so I’m shivering under my duvet.

Despite feeling more ill than I’ve felt before, I’m in a super happy bouncy mood. My concentration isn’t that great, but it’s not as poor as it has been on other days, which I’m grateful for. Reading and things does make me more exhausted, but I’m managing it by having several 5-10 minute breaks in between stuff. My light sensitivity isn’t that bad, so I can tolerate the laptop (when I can cope with the weight on my legs or chest) and the light being on, though I have to close my eyes every so often. My sound sensitivity is worse, but not intolerable (though I may need to ask Johan to get my earplugs for me at some point).

Anyway, the result of this is that I can’t go to college, and I can’t do any work because I can’t sit at my computer. I’m hoping this is very temporary, and I’ll be more okay in a day or two. I can use the laptop to type for a few minutes at a time, and to browse for a bit longer. I’ve been writing this blog post since about 5.30pm, and I’m just about to finish it now, after 9pm. I’m going to go to sleep soon (I sent Johan out to meet Total Biscuit as I wanted to go but couldn’t) and will see how I am in the morning. If I’m no better, I’m going to ask Johan to contact my doctor to get reassurance that is just an M.E. relapse, and not anything more serious. Hopefully next time I blog it will be a bit happier.

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  1. Oh honey, I hope it’s just temporary, I’m so sorry things are so crappy for you just now. But it’s good to see you’re spirits are still high. Much respect for you and Johan. 🙂 *Very gentle virtual hugs*

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