Project 365: Day 4: 21st June 2011 – Weather Station

Weather Station

Woke up this morning just before the carer arrived, which is a first for a bit πŸ˜› My digestive system was a bit more cooperative today, and I was feeling a bit better than I was.

This morning we messed around with hooking my computer to the telly, then decided that playing WoW on it won’t really work because it’s a bit far away from where I’m lying in bed. I tidied up around my bed and a tiny bit around my computer desk, then was knackered so rested in bed for a while. Later on I felt more up to sitting up, so played on World of Warcraft and The Sims for a bit.

Post today was a Graze box (yummy) and my birthday present from Johan, which is this weather station. It’s hard to take a photo of it, because it’s really reflective, but it’s really shiny and colourful and iPhoneish πŸ˜€

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