Project 365: Day 18: 5th July 2011 – Mockingjay


Today I woke up late as I’d had a very late night (though I did wake up long enough to tell favourite carer when she arrived that I’d had a late night and wouldn’t be getting up). Spent the day playing World of Warcraft and reading this book. In World of Warcraft I finally managed to get Tyrande’s Favourite Doll through Archaeology. This evening was another night of wiping on Nefarian. Since most of the wipes were due to me, my confidence in raiding has been knocked a lot. Got frustrated at being told by the raid leader that we’re not allowed to do any other raids until Nefarian is dead, as so far all my Cataclysm raiding has consisted of wiping on this stupid dragon because I can’t position myself properly/get enough heals in/manage my mana. Thinking of giving up raiding until I can get my item level to 359, since then I may have enough mana to deal with my mistakes. Went and fished for an hour as well.

The book was good, I think. I’ve read it, but I can’t remember too much about it. It didn’t help that although I’ve read the first two, I couldn’t remember much about them, either. I may technically be able to concentrate well enough to read, but my memory sucks and it makes it a bit frustrating. Also felt really weak today, struggling to transfer between chairs.

I had steak for tea though, and that was yummy Smile

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