Project 365: Day 21: 8th July 2011 – Blue Badge

Blue Badge

My blue badge arrived today 🙂 Not all that useful right now, as no-one is driving me anywhere, but I’ll be glad I have it when they are.

Also arriving today was my new backpack. It’s much lighter than my laptop backpack, so hopefully it won’t be as bad for Johan to carry. It should also fit on the back of my wheelchair a bit better. It’s black with colourful stars all over it. I also have a pair of rainbow laces, to go into a pair of shoes that haven’t arrived yet.

Today was a lazy day. Watched some television and played a bit of World of Warcraft, though not as much as I have been recently. Got upset in a dungeon as I was being pressurised to use crowd control, which resulted in me dying. I’m a priest healer and we had two other classes with crowd control that works!

I also have bought tickets for the midnight 3D IMAX release of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2. It also includes a showing of Part 1 straight before it, so my current plan is to not go out until next Thursday, and to rest lots so I’ll be well enough to go. I’m also going to watch the first 6 films before then, as I have them on DVD. I’m really really hoping I’ll be well enough to make it 🙂

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