Project 365: Day 25: 12th July 2011 – On the Roof

Contains Mild Peril RoofA slight cheat today, in that today’s picture is a screenshot, not a photo. It’s of the Contains Mild Peril roof- our current Guild hangout (it’s in the Dwarfen District of Stormwind).

Didn’t sleep well last night, as there was a fly in the living room that kept landing on me, waking me up multiple times. Got up about 2pm, went into World of Warcraft and did my dailies. Had bacon, eggs and fried bread for dinner, and then we were raiding tonight. Had Al’akir left to do in Throne of the Four Winds, and we managed to 2 shot him πŸ™‚ Less than half an hour raiding πŸ˜› This means that Contains Mild Peril had cleared the Tier 11 content, so we went and got our dark phoenix mounts πŸ™‚

Johan went into a Zul’Aman run with some of our best geared guildies, and I went into a Zul’Gurub with some of ours and a pug tank. We finished more than an hour before his group did πŸ˜›

Since then, I’ve just watched some television and am now watching Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. Tomorrow I need to watch more πŸ™‚

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