Jul 242011

TV Unit

Yesterday, while I was watching League of Legends on telly, Johan went out to Ikea to buy a new TV stand, as my old cheap coffee table looked like it was going to collapse. Today, we put it together (well, Johan did most of it). I sorted out the cables, vacuumed the space where the old one had been (it was a bit disgusting) and rewired everything. I like it 🙂

I also was able to walk a little today! I noticed while standing that I was less wobbly than normal (I stand a bit to transfer), so walked a little bit to see if I could. I didn’t fall over and my legs didn’t collapse! It felt weird though being that high up, after being at seated level for so long.

Played World of Warcraft (as always- may stop mentioning it in every post and just mention when I don’t play it :P). Was healing in Bastion of Twilight, causing quite a few wipes because of brain lapses.

I also panicked because the evening carer arrived 35 minutes early, and then asked if I was ready. I don’t cope with people being early at all, and being that early and expecting me to be ready to get ready for bed is just too much. It really upset me all evening.

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