Project 365: Day 52: 8th August 2011 – Riots


Currently watching the news about the riots in London and Birmingham. I hope everyone is safe, and it gets sorted soon.

Mattress topper is very comfortable 😀 Woke up today when the carer was here. She took me to the toilet and brushed my teeth but I was still too tired to get up and dressed. After I’d rested for a bit went into World of Warcraft, where I overdid it with a dungeon that lasted ages.

Spent most of the afternoon resting in bed, feeling rotten because I’d been sitting up too long. Was able to get up again for a bit in spurts throughout the evening, with rests in between, so I’m doing a bit better. At one point while I was in bed Johan gave me a bed bath and helped me into clean pyjamas, which was lovely 🙂

Scrambled cheesy eggs for tea, which Johan had never cooked before but were perfect 😀

Evening carers were early because their schedules said something different to mine 🙁 Made me really anxious and I couldn’t have them near me when they came back. I have my care review tomorrow where I’m meant to be discussing this, so I’ll make sure to bring it up. I’m also hoping to be well enough to go join Slimming World. We’ll see 🙂

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