Project 365: Day 61: 17th August 2011 – Ear Defenders

Ear Defenders

Today was mostly a bed day. As it is a Wednesday, I have no morning carer, so of course I woke up at 10am anyway. Spent most of the morning on my phone or laptop not doing very much.

I did get up for a bit in the afternoon to do Netherwing Dailies in World of Warcraft. They take ages, but are really easy since I’m 15 levels higher than they’re designed for. Should only be a week until I’m exalted then I’ll be able to have a beautiful purple drake 🙂

Had a nice carer for my bath today- she doesn’t normally do my round so I’ve only seen her a few times, but she actually cares and wants to help. She also let me rest between getting out of the bath and getting into nightclothes and hair done 😀

Also today my ear defenders finally turned up- a week late. They fit well, and are bright pink, so I’m happy. Will test them out on the bus tomorrow when I go get my AS Level result and go to the CFS clinic (by wearing them on the bus, not at the appointment :P).

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