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Yesterday I went to see my GP. He is very nice- he gave me my diagnosis of M.E., understands it well, and treats me like an equal in my treatment. I find it pretty easy to talk to him, which is awesome. Anyway, I am changing my medication. I am coming off the quetiapine as quickly as I comfortably can, and replacing the nefopam (which is unfortunately no longer strong enough to even take the edge off really) with tramadol. I also have amitriptyline, which I will be taking if the tramadol by itself doesn’t help much. This means I have a massive pile of pill boxes next to my bed, as I’m still taking nefopam until I’m off the quetiapine, and also have proclorperzine as an antisickness tablet, and lanzoprazole for the heartburn and things, and to protect my stomach from ibuprofen when I take that.

On top of this, he is going to contact my social worker about the carer situation, and write to the council to support my housing application. Johan had an appointment with him straight afterwards (he likes the same GP, plus it makes it easier with issues that involve both of us) and he’s been prescribed meds to help with his anxiety, and diazepam to take when he’s having his flu jab. The GP (I really need to think of a nice name for him) also wants me to have the flu jab this year, because of how ill I am.

So, last night I didn’t take any quetiapine. I slept very little- mostly in 20 minute bursts, between 3am and 8am. This was expected, as I’ve not tried to get to sleep naturally for a few years now (the amitriptyline may also help with that, if I need it). Tonight I plan on taking a half dose to try and stave off the worst of the withdrawal effects, then see how I am tomorrow night for whether I go without or go half dose again.

In good news, we were able to have sex for the first time in months last night. Because of how ill I’ve been, not being able to have sex has been frustrating for both of us. We have worked out a relatively low energy position, though, so hopefully we won’t have to wait so long next time 🙂

I am feeling rather crappy today. I think it’s partially overdoing it yesterday/last night (as awesome as it was), partially that I have a cold and also because it’s way too hot. Hasn’t the weather heard that it’s autumn now? 😛 I am not too bad though, considering, and now I’ve stopped rationing the antisickness tablets and painkillers (I’m hoping that if I keep taking them they’ll help a bit, until I can swap to tramadol) I’m feeling better than I otherwise would have.

Tomorrow I have two appointments. The CFS clinic in the morning, where I get to tell them the stability I had last appointment has gone and I’m also in the middle of changing meds, then the colposcopy clinic as apparently my cervix looked abnormal when I had my smear done (though the actual result came back fine). It is going to be a long day, especially since I’ve not been doing overly well in the sitting up department. At least I’m not attempting college this week.

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