Bad Weekend

So Thursday. CFS clinic then colposcopy then flu jab. In the CFS clinic, we agreed I’d try and find a baseline for all my activities. This is going to be hard, as on good days I can do most for quite a while, then on bad days I can’t do most of them at all. I will give it try though. The physiotherapist also wants me to split up my high activity stuff with more low activity (as resting isn’t restful for me at all) which is also going to be difficult, depending on the activity. I am working on it.

The colposcopy was very painful, but it turns out everything is fine. My cervix is perfectly normal for a woman of reproductive age. I also got to see it on the screen, which was pretty cool 🙂 I now have to make an appointment to get my coil changed, which I’m really not looking forward to.

The flu jab hurt. I also had to be very brave and not make a big deal of it, because Johan was petrified, even after taking diazepam. It took him 15 minutes to get his, but he did it, and I’m very proud of him. My left arm has been very sore since.

I was out in my wheelchair for about 7 hours on Thursday. I can manage sitting in it for about 10 minutes before getting worsening symptoms on a good day. It is too upright, and even with the headrest I struggle to remain sitting up. I also ran out of nefopam completely on Thursday, so had to swap to tramadol (and I couldn’t take any more quetiapine). It was a very long day.
Friday I was really ill. Even with the antisickness tablets, I was vomiting everything I took, then vomiting bile. I was intolerant to light and noise, so spent a lot of hours lying with my eye mask and ear defenders on, hoping to die. Oh, and my review with my social worker and the care agency was that afternoon. Trying to explain what was going wrong while trying not to vomit or appear too ill was exhausting, and it didn’t really work that well. I will have to email my social worker to tell him everything I forgot to on Friday. Also on Friday was my friend Kate’s fundraiser for a new wheelchair. I really wanted to go, but was no way well enough, so Johan went by himself. He enjoyed himself, it was fun, she raised lots of money towards her new wheelchair, and Johan won a Segway experience in the raffle 🙂

Saturday I was a little better, but not much. I stopped vomiting, and ate a few things. Still had to nap, and spend a lot of hours with eye mask and ear defenders on. I was on Twitter when I could be, but I was too hot (the weather has been rather summery here) and felt just rotten. The karaoke in the pub next door didn’t help either. On the plus side, I was well enough to watch Doctor Who, which I really enjoyed.

Today I have been a bit better. Even managed a bit of time on my computer (my computer chair is more supportive than my wheelchair, and it reclines, so I can manage longer before feeling ill). Also managed a bath, and got dressed. All of this with Johan, as wasn’t well enough at 10am when the carer came. We also cancelled the bath call for tonight as I’d already had one and it was making me very anxious. I did get a bit emotional, but that calmed down after I’d remembered to take painkillers. Johan made me roast chicken for my tea, which was lovely. Tomorrow I go back to my normal food, as I’ve just been eating what I want the last couple of days. I am worried about Johan though, as the sertraline is making him exhausted, and he’s too tired to even do things he enjoys. It’s also making it harder for him to care for me.

The distance learning has been sorted out. I am to go in one a fortnight, then keep up to date by talking to my lecturer in between, probably using Skype. This is good, as I should technically be able to manage it, if I get back to the same level of functioning as I was last month. The only problem is I’m meant to be going in tomorrow, and that means sitting in my wheelchair for 6 hours. I’m not sure I’m well enough, and the only other option is withdrawal. I’ve also not done any work the last couple of weeks, which also isn’t helping much. I will see how I am in the morning.

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