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The update post!

November (tomorrow since it’s Monday already) is NaBloPoMo. I am planning on taking part this year, even if I only manage to post a video or a picture everyday. It should give me something to do 🙂

Blizzcon was awesome, though I did get payback from watching a lot of television (live stream). I’m very excited about Mists of Pandaland, can’t wait to be a Pandaman Monk and also will be buying the collector’s edition of Diablo 3. I’ve also subscribed to the annual pass for WoW as I should be continuing to play, and I pay every 6 months anyhow.

I’ve spent a lot of time in bed as normal. On Thursday I went to my hospital appointment, where I didn’t see my consultant 🙁 but did see a member of his team. She’s going to write to my GP I think, and doesn’t want me back until I improve, because going there made me very ill. She is happy with this because I have such a decent GP, and there’s not much they can do there that my GP can’t anyway. If I improve enough, I’ll be going back in about 3 months.

I have given up keeping the activity diary for a few days. It’s been pretty freeing, actually :p The doctor at the hospital wants Johan to call my physiotherapist about me not being well enough to travel to the CFS clinic, to see if they can see me at home or something. I haven’t been able to figure out baselines at all, though I do know roughly how much I can do on a good day and a bad day. The problem is on a bad day, I can do pretty much nothing, and spend most of the day with my eye mask and ear defenders on, maybe occasionally taking them off to stare at Twitter. I will work on it this week, as I’m meant to be seeing them on Thursday. I will also start filling in the activity diary again.

We’ve also rearranged the living room. We originally shoved the spare bed in the corner after I’d been sleeping on the sofa for a couple of weeks because I was unable to get upstairs, but I was hoping to improve so it was only meant to be a temporary solution. As it is, I’ve got worse instead of better, and acquired an awful lot of disability equipment that needs to be in here, so we’ve moved things about. We’ve removed one bookcase completely (did have Star Trek videos and DVDs on- I’m not well enough to watch them), put another behind the door, moved my bed where my computer desk was and that desk where my bed was, and moved the other computer desk around so there’s room at the bottom of the bed for stuff like the commode. I’ve also swapped computer desks with Johan, so his is near the door and mine is near my bed so I don’t have to crawl to get there anymore. We’ve still got the sofa to sort out (it’s been moved slightly for the computer desk, but otherwise is pretty much in the same place- but it’s been turned into the dumping ground for everything while we’re moving stuff) and I want my small bookcase from upstairs to put next to my bed as a table, but it’s getting there. I’ll take and post photos when we’re done, which should be tomorrow.

The main advantage of moving everything is that I’m no longer near the living room door, the wall next to the pub and above the gas pipe, so I should be disturbed a lot less. It used to be when I was asleep that I was the first thing you’d see coming into the living room, so people mistook it for a bedroom :p Now if I’m not well, I’m in the corner so people coming in will disturb me less. Also not being on top of the gas pipe means not waking up to vibrations whenever a carer runs the hot water to do the dishes or similar :p I can also see out of the window, so I’ve been able to see some awesome sunsets.

My plan for today is to wake up and get up about 10am, to try and sort out my sleeping pattern. I’m guessing it will make me feel pretty rough for a bit, as I’ll be tired, but trying to go to sleep earlier hasn’t worked yet, so I’m going to try waking up earlier instead. Johan doesn’t think it’ll work but we’ll see. Johan needs to call the physiotherapist about Thursday, and it’s Halloween so I’ll be asking him to see if he can find some face paints (I want to be a zombie :p) and we’ll be carving the pumpkin I bought last week. I’m also thinking of asking him to find some halloween treats in the shops, and maybe try watching a scary film I’ve seen before (though that may be a bit optimistic).

We also both need to make GP appointments, but that’s not overly urgent. I want to see if there’s anything he can suggest for the muscle spasms, as them keeping me awake is what made my sleeping pattern so bad to begin with. They’re also quite scary as if I’m lying on my back they can launch me off the bed. Johan and I think we may have to consider something to stop me ending up on the floor if that happens, though I don’t really want to feel like I’m in a cot. We’ll see.

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