A Lack of Sleep

I’ve not been to sleep yet. I woke up about 4.30pm yesterday, and it’s nearly 2pm today. I’m getting tired, and I’m about to sleep, but I was waiting for Johan to wake up to ask him to fill my cup so I could take painkillers. He’s completely zonked though and I think I’m tired enough to sleep without the painkillers now.

During the night I wrote an email to the local carer’s association to ask them to contact Johan about support for him. Hopefully they’ll be able to help. It would be easier if he could initiate contact, but he can’t so we have to work around it. I’m basically trying to care for my carer, and it’s hard. I’ve also noticed I’m still trying to deny how ill I am, though I have accepted that what was a bad day a few months ago is classed as a good day now. A bad day now means no light, touch, sound or anything can be tolerated.

I really need to write that blog post on M.E. Maybe I start it after I’ve got some sleep.

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