Haven’t got the transport situation sorted. Will just have to see what happens tomorrow. Hopefully I’ll be well enough to get up the stairs. If not I guess I’m camping somewhere :p

Today has been rather mixed. Woke up this morning with at about 6am (went to sleep around 9pm last night so that’s actually rather normal), used the commode, stood up for a few seconds, and felt really nauseous. I also had the most horrendous headache, and was completely intolerant to light (I couldn’t cope with the small LED lights on mine and Johan’s computers). I tried to drink a small amount of water to ease the headache, thinking it was dehydration, and started vomiting. By 6.30am I had to wake Johan up because I’d run out of sick bags. I managed to get one of my antisickness tablets (which dissolves between the gum and the lip) around the same time, and by 7.30am I’d stopped being sick long enough to take my new antisickness tablet. Luckily the new one works well, though it does make me drowsy, so I had a nap from 11am-1.30pm.

I had set an alarm for 1.30pm as Gateshead Carer’s Association were coming out at 2pm to see how they could help Johan. He was also asleep (silly sausage didn’t go to bed until after 4am, and then I’d had to wake him up a couple of times to help me with taking meds and changing pyjamas and things) and didn’t wake up until 2.05am. Luckily the people were running late so it was okay. They were both advocates, and they were very helpful, and are going to help Johan with sorting out a care home and talking to my social worker and stuff. They’re also going to provide him with information about some of the carer’s groups he can go to, which will be good for him.

This evening I felt quite a bit better so had a bath (yay!). Johan changed my bedding as my aim wasn’t brilliant this morning, and he helped me into my new penguin pyjamas, so I’m all clean. Lovely Icelandic carer came a bit later, and she brushed my teeth and sorted my hair out, putting it into another French plait (until I had my bath I had still been wearing the one she put in last Wednesday). Since then I’ve managed 20 minutes sitting at my computer, and have just been doing random stuff on my tablet. Will be going to sleep soon as the hospital appointment is at 10am, and that means leaving at about 9am tomorrow. Eek. 

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