An Update

A lot has happened since the last time I properly blogged. I had written most of a long blog post with lots of details, but forgot to save as I went along and then the app crashed, taking my post with it. As I’m still very brain foggy, I will post just a short update now.

We had looked at a bungalow, told we could have it then told we couldn’t as it was only for over 60s. This was frustrating.

I went into a care home for respite. It went better than last time, though there were still some issues. While there I went to the shop for the first time since October and got my hair cut a lot shorter (it’s now just a bit longer than shoulder length, rather than down to my bum). Overall it was good and I’ll probably go there for my next lot of respite too.

While I was in respite Johan went to London to a disability conference thingie, went to the House of Lords, then went to Leeds to see his family for his birthday. He had a good break.

I relapsed after going into the care home. It wasn’t as bad physically as the one in December, but it was very bad cognitively.

Johan was diagnosed with autism on Wednesday, to the surprise of no-one. He’s trying to come to terms with being diagnosed (though he’s known he probably was for ages) but we’re hoping it’ll help in the long term. We’re applying for DLA to pay for a support worker to help him, as with me being more ill I can no longer do as much as I used to.

We got offered a 2 bedroom accessible flat in a central location. We accepted, and moved in on Friday. We’re not completely moved out of the old flat yet, but our lovely landlord has given us another week. New flat has a ramp to the back door (accessed from the main road, not the road the flat is on), and a roll in shower that I currently can’t use. I also can’t use the toilet as it has no back, so we’ll be asking the OT to sort it out. Once everything is sorted and we’ve decorated and put down new flooring (currently just floor boards, we’re going to have laminate) it should be good.

We went with Virgin Media for broadband, phone and telly, something I never thought I’d do. We get 50mb down/1.75mb up, which we’re enjoying a lot, as we’re getting a solid 6MB/s download even at peak times. It’ll be upgraded in a few months- the upload to 5mb in April then to 100mb down/10mb up around July. The upload speed will be about the same as our download speed was at the old flat. I wasn’t originally going to get the telly but it was cheap and the first 3 months were free, and we’ve since discovered there’s no aerial.

That is most of it, I think. We’ve got a lot to do in relation to moving, and my brain still feels like it’s operating in treacle, but hopefully things will be good from now on. I’m also hoping to be able to blog more frequently again now.

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