Mar 102012

Ponies are good. Ponies show is very good for Danni as not too hard to understand and cheerful and cute and fun. Johan also likes Ponies but says he is not a Brony, even though all a Brony is is a man who likes Ponies.

Danni frustrated at inability to sit up straight, when can do everything else properly. Danni also frustrated at silly amount of floppiness.

Danni shower be fixed, probably in May. This because the shower fixing people are being changed over the next few months. Danni toilet also be fixed, which means a new floor. Have been told this will be blue. Will need a full assessment for shower chair because cannot use a standard one because of silly floppiness and not being able to sit up straight.

Danni play lots of World of Warcraft when on computer. Danni die a lot because no concentrate, and Danni need a new mouse as Danni mouse double clicking when single click. Danni brain is also brokened. Danni want Johan to wake up but Johan went to sleep at 5am so it is too early to wake him up. Danni hungry and want some food. Danni frustrated that Danni can’t get food by herself, and needs Johan to do it for her. Danni decided she doesn’t like M.E. at all because it makes her like a baby crossed with an old person who is silly floppy and unable to do things properly.

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  3 Responses to “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic”

  1. I don’t like ME at all either, and I’m not the one who has it. But I am glad you’ve been able to play WoW and watch My Little Pony. *squish*

  2. If a brony is a man who likes ponies, what are you? (I have a female friend who is really into ponies – as in big ones that are measured in hands, and ridden.)

  3. Huggles Danni, hope your toilet gets fixed before May as that is a very long time to hold on for. 😛 (Hope you get the joke)

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