Night from Hell

Last night was hell. I tried sleeping through the cramps but they woke me up twice. I’m not eating again until I’ve seen a doctor as I can’t repeat that.

Communication is getting harder for me. Having to ask Johan to send even the simplest emails.

Funnily enough, my pain levels have been lower than normal (so long as I don’t eat). Been able to get away with just one tramadol at a time today.

Back is covered in spots but that’s probably due to sweating so much with the pain.

Blogging daily is hard work. Still trying, but longer posts will have to wait a while I think. Hopefully can see doctor soon so I can get things sorted.

2 thoughts on “Night from Hell

  1. Why are you blogging every day? If it’s because it’s fun, or because it’s a distraction, or because chronicling your symptoms is helpful, then maybe it’s worthwhile. But setting yourself a blogging challenge that’s going to take up too many spoons might be a bad idea.
    I love you a lot. The food thing is scary. I hope you are ok.

    1. It’s fun and I needed a kick up the bum to get blogging regularly again (I enjoy it and often just don’t get around to it rather than not having the spoons to do it). Committing myself to blogging daily for a month helps. I’m not going to force myself to blog if I genuinely don’t have the spoons, but sometimes they might not be quite the blog posts I intended, and that’s okay.

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