Mar 242013

Not having the best week ever having acquired some form of infection that was making my temperature keep spiking at over 40C. Luckily it’s no longer doing that (instead hovering at 37.5C- higher than normal but not high) but I’m still rather ill with it, and need to remember not to move my head too much as it feels like it’s full of marbles and I get immense pain when I move it too quickly. Unfortunately Johan was too ill to contact the doctor for me so we don’t know what kind of infection (the wide variety of symptoms I had mean I could have been anything from kidney to gastrointestinal to ear, as I had symptoms of all of them) but it hasn’t killed me.

Cognitively I’m doing terribly. What I’m going to do is link a blog post I read today instead. I think I’ve read the same thing before, but it’s a funny metaphor for illness.

Disability is like having a Gorilla in your house

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  1. oh my gosh! You linked to my blog! Thank you 😀

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