Body Naughty

I wish my body would make some sense sometimes. I can watch Doctor Who and go on computer and play World of Warcraft. This is all yay! I feel okay so long as I don’t try and sit up or be touched.

Not being able to sit up (I keep fainting- highly inconvenient) means I’m stuck in bed (also because we not got a hoist). Not being able to be touched without becoming really ill means I have to be really careful about being washed, dressed, or moved (I can roll and shuffle a bit on the bed, but that’s about it due to muscle weakness and stuff). Also means that there’s very little personal care that my carers can do (if I have too much done, I get really ill for too long so they no want to do that).

Brain hasn’t been working for writing stuff which means no emails, blog posts or tweets for ages. Very annoying.  Still not heard from the OT or Social Services. Still having problems with the neighbours. Missed my second appointment with wheelchair services and looks like I won’t be going until a hoist is sorted. Missed loads of other appointments too, and having to accept that I can only have home visits now as can’t get out.

Bought Desire Z as needed keyboard on phone. Not as easy as tablet to use but much better than trying to type on touchscreen with hands that don’t work properly.

Missed Autism Awareness/Acceptance Day/Month, and ME Awareness Day/Week. Also Blogging against Disabled Disablism Day. I wanted to participate but beyond my capabilities.

Apart from a meltdown caused by missing the wheelchair assessment (I’m pretty desperate now for a wheelchair that fits and works for me) not been too bad on days I’ve  not had a wash or changed clothes or had teeth brushed or anything. If I have, then I really really ill (and for a while afterwards). Trying to manage it in bits. Pad changes are the most I can cope with, and even then if touched too much then make ill. Carers do more touching than Johan which means I do better when he does changes. Too ill to teach carers how to do pad changes properly.

Saw good friend. Didn’t make too ill. Made happy. Was good. Hope to see good friend again soon.

Still think I’d be better at running the country than the present government, even with current brain problems. Least I know who to ask for help and what’s fair.

Sorry blog post broken like body. Hope for proper post as soon as brain works for writing again.

9 thoughts on “Body Naughty

  1. Danni, really good to read your update. Espec your last comment- lol
    Johan and you are amazing, hope you get the wheelchair asses and hoist sorted soon. Love Lou x

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