Goals for 2018

Last year I decided to make some goals for the year. It’s time to make some new ones, but first to see how I did with the ones from last year.

  • Have a shower at least once every 2 months – This didn’t happen. I think I managed one shower all year. A mixture of reasons, but mostly not being well enough.
  • Use the toilet/commode – Still not managed this. I’m hopeful for this year though.
  • Go out with Sammie somewhere – Partial win. I went to see her school play, though she didn’t know I was there until after. Worth it though.
  • Create and keep to a rough daily routine – One I managed! I have it set up in Habitica. Most days I manage everything on it, and it has helped my anxiety quite a lot. I might blog about it sometime.
  • Read at least 20 books – I was doing well with this until I went into the care home, then I took 5 months to read 1 book. I think I ended on 15 (Goodreads counted one of them twice for some reason). Could be worse.
  • Sort out my clothes – This hasn’t happened yet, but I’ve bought some vacuum bags and a pump and the cleaner comes 2 hours a week now, so hopefully it’ll get done this year.
  • Sort out our letters – Complete fail. I have folders, just need to be well enough to do it, which hasn’t happened yet.
  • Spend more time in the living room – I think I managed this, though it’s hard to tell as it’s been a few months. New day bed is awesome though.
  • Sort out computer stuff – Partial win. I haven’t sorted out the blog much, but I’ve made progress on organising important files and my photos.
  • Go out with Johan somewhere that isn’t shopping or for a meal – Win! We saw Sammie’s school play together.
  • Create a guide to looking after me – Almost done. Only thing I need to add is where things are kept, and since I can’t do that bit without help I’m thinking of just printing what I have and finishing it when I can. It’s already been useful.

Of the 11 goals I had, I completed 3, partially completed 3 more, and failed 5. Could be worse.

New goals for this year:

  • Shower at least twice – as every two months was too optimistic, I’ll reduce it to double last year. Any extras will be a bonus.
  • Use the toilet or commode – I’ll keep adding this until it happens 😛
  • Go somewhere with Johan that isn’t shopping or a meal – I like this one so am repeating it. Hopefully I’ll manage something more pleasant than my PIP tribunal, but just in case I’m not well enough for something else I won’t exclude it.
  • Read at least 20 books – I’m just about able to read again now, so I’m hoping to manage it this time. Hopefully there won’t be a repeat of the care home situation that really broke my brain for months.
  • Spend quality time with Sammie in person – she’s my favourite person, so even if I’m stuck in bed I want to spend time with her. Hopefully it’ll be somewhere out though.
  • Watch a film – I didn’t manage any films in 2017, so I’m hoping to fix that this year.
  • Sort out my blog – I’m wanting to update my blog roll, work on categories and tags, and maybe even change the theme. Luckily I can do this from bed.
  • Track my daily activities – I’ve found a couple of apps to help me with this, and I’ve managed so far this year. This is mostly so I can see when I’m doing things like having a wash or getting out of bed so I can prioritise what I need to do when I’ve got the energy for it.
  • Blog every week – ambitious, but I’m creating a template that means if I’m really ill I just need to answer the questions, and I can use my daily tracker for the answers. I use my blog to remember when things happened and that’ll be much easier if I’m posting regularly.
  • Take a selfie or have a photo taken every week – I am trying to feel better about myself and how I look, and hopefully this will help. I can use it for my weekly blog post, too.
  • Try not to feel guilty when avoiding bad news I can’t change – there’s a lot of bad news at the moment, and some of it makes me very anxious. When there’s something I can do about it, I want to do so, but it helps no one if I’m worrying about things I can’t influence. I’ve gotten better at not reading the news when I’m not able to cope with it, but I need to work on feeling guilty about it.

I think that works. I’m still going to try and organise my clothes, the letters and other stuff, but as I need a lot of help from other people I’ll count them as bonuses if I manage them.

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