GroupCamp @ SuperMondays, and Stuff

On Monday evening, after college, Johan and I went to GroupCamp at SuperMondays. This was the first time we’d been to SuperMondays for months, and it was very enjoyable. The GroupCamp format worked really well, and I went to discussions on the Tyneside Linux User Group (I likes Linux), about automatic learning of RSS feeds and Twitter for filtering purposes (I think), and one that ended up being about pretty much everything (the “kitchen sink”). The great thing about SuperMondays is although I’m not from the same group of people as the others (they’re mostly IT professionals or businessmen (and a couple of women), I’m a college student) I feel quite comfortable in the group, and normally have a good understanding of what they’re talking about.

The downside to SuperMondays is I stayed up past my bedtime (it finishes at around 9pm, we get home around 10pm), and the next morning I couldn’t wake up. This meant I missed my morning lessons at college, and finally got in just after 1pm.

The first thing I did was to sort out my personal emergency evacuation plan, as at the moment I’m having to use my chair a lot at college and I can’t manage stairs. Then we had Problem Solving, where we discovered a big problem- the 1861 Club (formerly the Martec), the student’s club/bar at the college, is going to be closed during the day to extend the evening hours for the Marine students. Most of the students in the college aren’t in on an evening, and use it as a common room/quiet eating place during the day. The Interface students use it quite a bit for dinner, as it’s a lot quieter than the refectory and doesn’t come with the 30 minute queues.

As a class, we are currently trying to protest the closure of the club during the day. We’ve got a petition going, we’ll be talking to people who can help us let the rest of the students know (none of us have been consulted or even told- we found out from Pat, who runs it) and basically letting the college know we’re not happy. This is the first time I’ve been involved in something like this for college, and it’s quite exciting. I’m already one of the class representatives for Interface, and I’m thinking of also getting involved in the student’s union.

In Computing, I think I did okay on the logic gates test we had on Monday. Wednesday our lecturer wasn’t in, so I got the work and did it back in Interface. It was binary and hexadecimal, and none of it was hard, just time consuming. Today we have a test on binary, and I’m not too worried about it. The one thing I am a little worried about is that I’ve not done the homework set on Monday yet, as I’ve been so tired. I will have to do it before I leave for college today.