Jul 252011


Morning carer was early by a few minutes, and because of last night I couldn’t cope at all so didn’t get up. Turned out to be a good idea anyway because I was really ill. Pain was a lot worse than normal and was making me nauseous, then I started vomiting a few minutes after taking painkillers 🙁 Managed to scare Johan a little bit by there being blood in my vomit, but there wasn’t that much and it’s probably just being sick so much over the last few weeks.

Since I had to spend the day in bed I watched Shoutcraft on the telly. It was fun, and a good distraction. I was too ill to have my bath when the carer came, but I had one a lot later with Johan to try and get my temperature regulation under control, as I was going from hot to cold and back again so quickly I didn’t know what to do. It helped a bit.

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