Snow is White

I think I may have overdone it yesterday, as I’ve spent more time today asleep than I have awake. I even missed Computing at college. Whoops. I am also in a lot more pain than normal, which is bad. I am growly and grizzly, and struggling to get my thoughts into words. Instead of doing productive things, like homework or studying for Monday’s test, I’ve been levelling another WoW character (a Night Elf Priestess called Danní… humm…) on a US realm, so I don’t have to deal with Real ID or Guild stuff. Yes, I’m still upset. Yes, I’m fully aware that I’m being completely and totally irrational, but right now I feel guilty and useless and don’t want to upset other people. Funny what pain can do to you. Oh, and I’ve been watching some Dollhouse, just because it’s awesome.

I upset Johan today. This is very bad.

There is a lot of snow outside. Apparently it will stay outside for several days. That makes getting out difficult. Maybe I stay inside.

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