Cooking with Microwaves

It’s not patch day, but I know them all too well šŸ˜›

Today I was in Interface all day, and I spent most of it not able to really concentrate, but that was okay as nothing was that difficult. In Tutorial we decided what we are going to do as a tutor group for Christmas, then researching places and prices and things. During study time, I started my work experience as ICT Support for Interface (turns out I’d agreed to this before half term, and had just forgotten). I managed to fix a problem, and worked out what another needed, and then half-heartedly did some research into printers and laptops until it was lunchtime. I was really tired and couldn’t concentrate at all, so I probably should have rested, but I didn’t. Instead I walked around a lot more than I should have, and kept my mind on hard tasks. Humm. For lunch my friend Scott took me to the Martec (okay, it’s the 1861 club now, but it’ll always be the Martec to me) and I got cheese on toast, a muffin and a can of Monster (I needed the caffeine). I didn’t rest during lunch either, instead spent the time chatting and reading.

After lunch, our lesson was meant to be Communication, but it ended up being a cookery lesson. Interface doesn’t exactly have much in the way of cooking facilities, but we managed to make shepherds pie using just a microwave and a kettle. I’ve had some of the mince part of it (vegetarian mince) and it was quite nice. Johan has a family-sized shepherds pie to eat in the kitchen, but he didn’t want any of it tonight.

The last lesson was Independence, where we were doing budgeting (again). Apart from my amusement that the benefit amounts in one of the scenarios were way off (the scenario had a family of four on Income Support being able to spend nearly Ā£800 a month on food and household items alone… never mind everything else) it was a pretty easy lesson, because basic budgeting I’m pretty good at already. We got to finish early as we’d all finished our work and as Doreen the lecturer put it, it was getting dark šŸ˜›

On the way home I got soaked, along with getting shepherds pie on my jeans. I need to figure out a better way of carrying things. Overall today I’ve done far too much (both physically and mentally) and I’m slightly worried about the repercussions of this. I’m already rather ill and doing too much isn’t going to help.

Since I got home I haven’t done much, just pottered on the internet, and had a bath. Now it’s time to bed, and I guess I’ll blog tomorrow. I just hope I can get up in time for my 9am Computing lesson.

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