Remember, Remember the 5th of November…

V for Vendetta TV Speech

I couldn’t find an embeddable version of this clip from V for Vendetta, but it’s an excellent clip from an excellent film, and I suggest you watch it.

Today is the 5th of November, which means for those of us in the UK, it’s Guy Fawkes Night. This is celebrated by bonfires (for burning the “Guy”) and fireworks (gunpowder was used in the plot to blow up parliament). Johan and I went to a local organised display, and I enjoyed it very much. The fireworks were very pretty, we both listened to music to help cope with the noise of them, and though my wheelchair got a bit stuck in the mud we managed it well. I’m very glad I went 🙂

Also today, I received my next batch of DVDs from LoveFilm. I’m looking forward to watching them, as it includes Adam and My Name Is Khan, which are meant to be good films about autism. The other two are The Hangover and The Proposal, which are comedies. I will remember The Hangover as it was the film Johan, my brother Martin and I watched just after deciding to get married. Considering what the film is about, we both are amused by it.

Tomorrow is the first Saturday of the month, so I’m going to make a big effort to go to the Tyneside LUG meeting. I’m not feeling too bad at the moment for me, so I’m hoping I’ll be okay to go.

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