World go Boom

Today the world of Azeroth was torn apart when Deathwing decided he was going to burst out and destroy things. I would be playing in World of Warcraft, but I got upset by something some people in my guild did and so I’m avoiding it, in case I accidently insult or upset anyone.

Computing this morning was… well, I’m not sure, as I was half asleep. I can vaguely recall writing some words for a test, but that’s about it. I’m sure we were taught stuff, but I now have no recollection of the lesson. For Enrichment, we went to Quasar Laser, and it was a lot of fun. I came fifth overall- not bad considering I was being pushed by Louise (she was excellent at it) and was the easiest target in the game. I did “kill” a lot of people though, and once deactivated the other team’s base. We won, by a lot (over 600 points).

Came home via the MetroCentre. Johan bought some new boots and some wellies, as his shoes are falling to pieces. It was snowing today, and his feet got soaked. I have ordered a wheelchair leg cosy as I do not want to try this winter without something to keep my legs warm, and it’s waterproof as well.

I overdid it today. The Quasar Laser took an awful lot out of me, and I’m really glad I don’t have a lesson until tomorrow evening. My homework will have to wait, as my head went boom while we were in the MetroCentre and it hasn’t recovered yet. I am also in a lot of pain, as I moved too much. When I’m in pain I get rather grumpy and irritable. I also still have a cold, which is better than it was last week but is still making me feel lousy. I just wish painkillers that worked had been invented by now.

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