The Test That Was

Had my Computing test today. I didn’t answer everything πŸ™ I also think I got some of the answers wrong. I just hope I got a few marks. It was the only lesson I had today, as I’ve dropped Problem Solving and I couldn’t go to Enterprise as I had an appointment with my psychiatrist.

The appointment went fine. As expected, I’ve been discharged. I’m doing much better mentally, so that’s fine. She thought I’d hurt my leg because I arrived in a wheelchair (I waddled my way into the consulting room, as the doors are a bit narrow and I go in by myself). I explained it was ME, we talked about random stuff, and then agreed that I didn’t need to see her any more. I know how to access the services again if I need to, but for now I don’t.

On the way back, the first bus that arrived had a broken ramp. A man in a high-visibility jacket flagged down the bus trying to overtake, and reassured us that if that ramp didn’t work that he’d sort us out. The driver of the second bus (the ramp worked fine) joked that we always cause him trouble (we’ve had him as a driver a few times now). When we were leaving the bus, he asked us when we got all pally with the owner. Turns out the guy in the jacket was the owner of Go North East. I guess that helps explain why he was so helpful πŸ™‚

I’ve been sucked into TV Tropes website again, so blog posts will continue to be short until I figure a way out…

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