I didn’t make it to college today. I think the last few days/weeks finally caught up with me, because this morning I couldn’t wake up. When I did, I sent an email to my lecturer, read TV Tropes for about 20 minutes and then slept again for several more hours. I’m still really tired, and I’m taking it easy, just watching stuff and reading simple things (like TV Tropes… yup, I’m still stuck there). I’m also in a lot of pain, but that’s not new.

Johan bought Call of Duty: Black Ops last night (he went to a midnight release with Colin). I was fast asleep, so have no idea what time he got back. He was also very tired this morning.

Tomorrow I have Computing in the morning, and watching Enrichment in the afternoon. I’ll be taking my laptop to use during the time between Computing and lunch, and I might install Kudos 2 on there.

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