Tomorrow Never Comes

Yesterday I promised words. Problem is I didn’t know then that I’d be feeling like a skyscraper had fallen on top of me. Yay colds! So instead of going to college (things to work on- feeling guilty when I don’t go in) I stayed at home and rested. In bed now on the laptop so I can type this.

On that note, Annika (my laptop) is very ill. Vista (yes, I know, but she came with it) doesn’t boot at all, and the DVD drive doesn’t work so I can’t repair it. Oh, and there’s a highly reproducible fault where if it’s past the POST check and you press the DVD drive in, it switches off (happens both in Vista and Linux). Also, the charger is now unreliable and has to be in the exact right position or it doesn’t charge. Tomorrow I will be asking Johan to call the repair people to see if they can sort it out. I do pay for it, so I may as well.

I will see how I am tomorrow before deciding on college. If anything like today, it’s not going to happen. Sleep now, though.

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