Operation Payback

(Spot the WoW reference :P)

Yesterday I was really proud of how much I’d been able to do the last week- making microwave meals for both me and Johan, looking after Johan, keeping the kitchen clean (including washing dishes everyday). I even managed to do a past paper and some revision yesterday (which has shown me the areas I still need to revise).

Today: crash. My body is letting me know in every way it can that I’ve been pushing myself way too hard, and I have full blehness. I got up after 11 1/2 hours uninterrupted sleep (very unusual), sat at my computer, opened my post, and had to go straight back to bed. I alternated between reading and dozing in bed, before finally getting the energy to sit in my computer chair for a bit.

Luckily, I’m now feeling a bit better. At least I don’t feel like I’m going to faint every time I stand up, and can remain standing for more than a couple of seconds. I’m still feeling really weak and ill, more than normal, but I’m sure it will get better so long as I rest properly.

My exam is on Thursday. Not being able to get into college this week because of Johan’s flu means I’m feeling very unprepared. For various reasons revising at home is difficult, so most of my revision will have to take place at college. Does anyone know any online sites for revising for AS Computing, specifically the Comp 2 exam? My past paper shows that my main issue is wording- I know the material, I just don’t use the right words which would lose me marks. That’s something to be grateful for at least, as it means if I can get all the terminology into my head I should get a decent grade.

2 thoughts on “Operation Payback

  1. At least this explains where you have been. I have been lying in wait for you all over the Internet!

    I am away tomorrow and Monday daytime, but I will resume lying in wait as soon as I get back.

    P.S. I had only just started to get that song out of my head, and now it’s stuck on repeat somewhere in my primary auditory cortex.

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