Project 365: Day 7: 24th June 2011 – The Sad Onion

The Sad Onion

It was the last day of college today, so I forced myself in. To start with, the Metro I needed to get was off because of cable theft, so I had to get the bus in. Luckily we didn’t arrive too late.

In Interface there was a talent show, which was awesome, though it was very loud at times. I sang with the band (I think they called themselves “In Your Face”).

After leaving college, we decided to go into South Shields to get lunch, and we fancied some cocktails, so had some 🙂 It was fun, though we both had too much food 😛

We then had a bit of a look around the shops. While in Poundland I spotted a bottle of PVA glue with a Sad Onion on, that is 0-5 instead of 0-3. It has 2 more years of sadness! I also found the whiteboard markers that I like (and bought a packet for my Computing teacher, as she wanted to steal mine), and some coconut hair stuff and batteries.

I also bought a new MP3 player from Argos, to use as a backup when my phone battery dies. I put the pink cover on it 🙂

I was getting rather tired by this point, so we decided to go home, so I could nap before the carer came to give me my bath. That didn’t go to plan, as someone decided to slash another person’s face with a knife on the Metro we were on. That meant the Metro and the station were crawling with police, and I panicked 🙁 I don’t think the injuries were too serious, though the guy retaliated by beating the other one up.

We finally got home about 5.20pm, but it was too late for a nap. I had my bath when the carer came, and after a rest have been on the computer since then.

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