Project 365: Day 15: 2nd July 2011 – Platform


Woke up this morning in the hotel, feeling a bit out of sorts because it wasn’t my normal bed. Our train was due to leave at 12.48pm, so we left the hotel about 11.30am, bought some breakfast and lunch and went to the station. After eating our breakfast (me) and lunch (Johan), we went and told the assistance people that we were there. A nice man with a ramp took us to the right platform, and we waited for a train, people watching while one train being delayed had an effect on another train.

I missed the timing on this photo- a second before it was showing the train as having arrived, when there was a distinct lack of train (it came a minute later). We got on and travelled back to Newcastle. Unfortunately, for some reason our assistance wasn’t booked at Newcastle, so Johan had to go find someone to get a ramp and help me off the train. We got the bus home, then spent the rest of the day relaxing and eating Graze boxes 🙂

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