Project 365: Day 22: 9th July 2011 – Penguin Egg Cups

Penguin Egg Cup

I was meant to go to sleep early last night. Because of pain, it didn’t happen. Managed 2 hours this morning, then woke up when Johan came down and just messed about on the internet. Carer came and I got dressed about 10am, though I stayed in bed for a lot longer. Did dailies and completed Zul’Gurub for the first time since the changes. Had a lot of fun speeding through the dailies with Johan and Eldrana (one of our guildies).

Fell asleep this afternoon, and the evening carers came and were very loud 🙁 Johan did tell them I was asleep, but they didn’t quieten down. Fell asleep again until the karaoke started singing Don’t Stop Believin’, which was remarkably in tune. Now just chatting on Facebook, watching Guild Chat on my phone, and have Mock the Week on 🙂

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