Project 365: Day 23: 10th July 2011 – Backpack


Was up all night, because of sleeping the evening before. Watched Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, followed by the Chamber of Secrets. Bought Portal 2 and Terraria in the Steam sale.

Morning carer was nice- had a good chat about things. Didn’t get dressed as I knew I’d be needing to sleep soon after. Managed to sleep all afternoon, even through the evening carer coming to give me my bath (normally I wake a little bit when carers come, even if I go straight back to sleep). Johan woke me up at 7pm though as I had a raid in World of Warcraft.

The raid went well. We managed to two-shot Cho’gall, and then went and did Conclave of Wind for the first time as a guild. Apparently they’d been working for months on Cho’gall, so to get him down was great. It did seem a bit easy though, for an end boss.

Also levelled Elisaveta up to level 55, and finished questing in the Badlands. I’ve decided I’m really going to push on levelling her to 85, so I have a second character there. Luckily arcane mages only really press one button 😛

I think the concentration needed for raiding has taken it out of me, as I think I need to sleep again now. Tomorrow is another day 🙂

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