Project 365: Day 27: 14th July 2011 – Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Cinema day! In the morning/early afternoon played on World of Warcraft and watched Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. Got ready in the afternoon (it takes carers about 10-15 minutes to get me ready… me doing it by myself takes 3 hours…) then left about 7.30pm to get the bus to the MetroCentre. Got there, went to the cinema to pick up tickets and then went for a McDonalds for tea.

Part 1 started at 9pm, and was good 🙂 It was nice not having to concentrate too much because I’d seen it before, but it did refresh my memory a lot for things. I got upset when Dobby died 🙁

After Part 1 finished, we went to sort things out, and bumped into Kate Stanforth 😀 We chatted for a bit, and she’s even more awesome in real life than she is online 😀 She was also really easy to talk to, which made it the best part of the night 🙂

We went upstairs to the Gallery, munched on chocolates while trying to sort out a taxi (and getting nowhere) then went in to see Part 2. It was awesome, though the makeup in a certain part was comical rather than convincing 😉 I did manage to spill my drink and popcorn everywhere, but that’s dyspraxia and M.E. for you 😛

When it finished Johan continued the search for a taxi, and we ended up finding one. The taxi driver was really good, and gave us his cab number, name and the phone number for his cab in case we ever get stuck for a taxi again 🙂 When I got in I went online for a little bit, then went to bed.

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