Project 365: Day 28: 15th July 2011 – Colin


A wild Colin appears!

Today I’ve been feeling pretty rotten, though more pain than tiredness. Favourite carer came this morning but I was asleep, then came at 6pm to give me my bath. I like it when it’s her as she doesn’t rush me, so I was able to have a decent soak which helped with the pain a bit. She also let me just rest on the bed for a bit before getting clean pyjamas on and hair brushed.

Played World of Warcraft most of the day, first dailies and trolls, then levelling Elisaveta, then a Firelands trash run. The pain got too much by the end of it though, and I the run was finished šŸ™

Also, Colin finally came and visited us šŸ™‚ We’d not seen him for a while, as he’s sorting out moving in with his girlfriend and stuff. Apparently they’re moving a mile down the road, so he’ll have even less reason not to visit šŸ˜› It may even be close enough for me to get there (his home now is two buses and half an hour away, despite only being about 4 miles).

In bed now. Tried to watch Torchwood but concentration not there. Think I’ll just mess around and get an early night (for me).

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