Project 365: Day 31 (replacement): 18th July 2011 – Back Rest

Back Rest

I forgot to do a photo for today, so I’m writing from the future 😛 This is what I’d planned to take a photo of, anyhow.

Got up and dressed when favourite carer arrived, then went on my computer and did dailies then levelled Elisaveta. I was planning on going out to sort out my bus pass and buy the back rest for my bed, but wasn’t feeling up to it so sent Johan out to do it instead. When he came back I sorted out the bed rest. It was rather uncomfortable by itself, but once I piled my pillows and cushions on it it’s actually quite comfy and supportive, and makes it a lot easier to sit up in bed.

Pain was bad and spent much of the evening fighting nausea, before sleeping badly.

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