Back Problems

Still suffering payback, so has been a day of not very much. Pain, nausea and concentration have all been really bad today. My mood has been all over the place as well, which isn’t great. My eyes keep leaking without permission.

Anyway, Johan sorted out ambulance transport for Wednesday. It’s normal sitting up transport, so that will be fun. Oh, and we have to be ready by 8.30am, and the appointment is at 11am. Yeah. We’re going to have to ask if there’s somewhere I can lie down while waiting. This was why I got a taxi last time, but with me doing even worse than last Wednesday I need someone to carry me down and up the stairs.

My back went into spasm for a while earlier, and though the muscles have since relaxed, it’s still exceptionally painful. I wish I could get used to it, but nope.

Sleep is all over the place. Will be awake a few hours, then have to sleep again for a few more. We cancelled both carers today as they’re both ones we don’t like. That situation is just getting worse, not better.

Johan did by some Ben and Jerry’s ice cream though, and made up some jelly, so tomorrow I can have jelly and ice cream. He’s also getting his new phone tomorrow. It’s the Galaxy Nexus, which runs Android Ice Cream Sandwich. I will be having a play, though I’m not getting a new phone until I start going out again, which will be when I improve.

I’m worried that because things keep cropping up to interfere with my rest (like appointments and carers that make me more ill) that this payback may result in a full blown relapse. I’m already very ill, and I’m not sure either of us would cope if I get worse. I’ll just have to hope for the best and rest when I can.

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